People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer. No one wants to be in dark about what’s going on around them but this was the header of my own story. I, a five-year-old boy was on the streets holding out my palms for alms to be dropped in them. One sunny afternoon, a man in an expensive suit stopped in front of me. He took my hand in his and asked if I was tired of begging on the streets. I nodded enthusiastically.

‘Then come with me’ He said.

All my life I had only known misery and when I saw a glimmer of hope for a better life, I leaped at it. I had no family to declare me missing so there was no qualms about me leaving immediately. I followed him to his house and he gave me to a burly looking man saying. ‘Train him.’ I was confused but I didn’t care since all my thoughts was on the fact that my days of begging on the streets was coming to an end.

The man in expensive suit that I grew to identify as Amir kept his promise and I never had to beg again, I had food, shelter and clothes on my back. But it didn’t come without a price. The price of it was my humanity or lack of thereof.

I was made into an assassin, a cold-blooded killer. Guns became my play toys. I killed for him as frequently as twice a week. Whenever I asked my trainer why, he’d always say.

‘That’s not for you to worry about, just focus on the job.’

Soon, I gathered courage to ask Amir for the reason for the killings. He said it was for the greater good, he asked me.

‘Is it better to kill one to save thousands or to kill thousands to save one? Look at the bigger picture Dante’

I always kept that close to my heart to make me feel better about the things I did – I’d always chant the words for the greater good to myself to keep the image of the soulless eyes of my victims out of my head.

I was speaking with Amir one day for my next job. He had always kept things coded, never revealing too much. But that day he slipped and said ‘We have to eliminate the threat before it becomes a problem’. The said threat was an 11year old child. The son of one of his many political rivals. It was like a bolt was screwed back in my head and then I began to research on my boss.

Amir advanced quickly in the political world, faster than politically normal. It turns out he was a ruthless man that eliminates anything that poses a problem to his political advancement.

I was confronted with the hard truth that all my life I’ve obliviously been killing thousands for one person.



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  1. Is unfortunate that life has taken this innocent boy to this page.
    But what happened later, did he continue with the killings?
    Tell us more.

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