Super Powers

Super Powers

I woke up in a cave, the last thing I remember was diving in to save my coworker and getting stabbed instead of him. I don’t know why I did that, it was just a thing of instinct. I stood up sharply and observed my surroundings, it was dark. The only thing that made me know it was a cave was that it was rocky and sound travelled fast and far. Roaming my hands over my body I saw that I wasn’t injured, how come? I began walking around the cave but I couldn’t see well, I strained my eyes a little, willing my eyes to see better. All of a sudden I could see clearly, just like a cat would in the night. It was both scary and thrilling at the same time. I began to realize that whenever I was faced with particular situation my body finds a suitable solution. There was a time I needed to push a boulder out of the way, I did it without any stress, something I couldn’t do before I got stabbed. I wondered what was going on. Did I die and get reincarnated? Or have I always been oblivious of my inborn powers?

After weeks of roaming the cave aimlessly and feeding on bats, I finally found an out. Weirdly, the entrance to the cave had a gate, an enormous one might I add. Using the super strength, I have no idea how I got, I pushed the gate open. Immediately I was struck with blinding light, it looked twice as bright because I’d spent weeks in a dark cave and my eyes had gotten accustomed to the darkness. After a while my eyes adjusted to the light and I looked around the expanse of emptiness. I began to walk and wander around like I did in the cave. I kept walking, until I came across a small village but it wasn’t humans that lived in that village. It was aliens, green and terrified aliens.

They cowered as they approached me, I was as confused as they were as to why I was here. I needed answers but unfortunately they couldn’t answer any of my questions. They said they were scared of the aura I was exuding and that they needed my help to conquer a murder of dinosaurs threatening their village.

Dinosaurs? What? They begged and begged with pitiful faces and I was trapped. I had to see what I could do to help them, true to their words the dinosaurs came. I was as scared as they were. Miraculously, I used my new found super powers to chase the dinosaurs away, never to come back again.

How you ask? Even I, am not sure.


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