The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken

There are times in life that one has to stop and think and make life altering decisions. Life is like a journey and we’ll come to a juncture where we’ll have to choose which path to take and most times it’s a deciding factor to what eventually becomes of us.

I’m a 22year old political scientist undergoing my Masters program abroad, after my masters I have a position at my father’s office waiting for me. He plans to groom me to follow his steps in politics. From my first breaths on earth my life has been dictated and controlled by my father, even the clothes I wear every morning are chosen by my assistant specially hired by my father to keep me in line

I fell in love with the art of ballet dancing in my secondary school days, there’s something about the expression of art that calls to my soul. I’ve been taking dance classes secretly ever since. Knowing that if my father found out I’d be sent home on the next flight to be home schooled. I’ve never particularly been a rebellious child but my father needs everything to be exactly according to his plan even if it means my unhappiness. Political science is not remotely among the courses I’d study if I had the choice. I couldn’t even rebel by having bad grades because daddy is connected enough to make me the best graduating student. When I talked to my mother about it, she scolded me asking if I knew the amount of people who would die to have the same opportunity I had and that rebelling or running away was not the path to take

I learnt the hard way not to do anything to please anyone at the detriment of myself not even my father. I’m tired of wearing a mask on a daily while I’m dying on the inside. I’m going to pursue a professional career in ballet dancing. Even though I may look like an ungrateful child. I’m doing this for my sanity and peace of mind. I’m going to take this path, it’s the path I’ve chosen.



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