Later that evening we arrived in Lagos, coming down from the car I was ushered in by someone who showed me a room she said was going to be mine. I was told to unpack my bags and shower and afterwards come downstairs for dinner, I unpacked and showered as I was instructed and after laid on the bed absurbing the scene of the new environment. The silence that enveloped the whole house made me miss how my life was, a week ago before my family was stroke with the cold hands of death. No more Tope Alabi’s and Sola Allyson’s gospel songs blasting loudly in the house, no more funny giggles to mom’s funny dance steps when the popular Yinka Ayefele song randomly pops on the radio or my mom’s loud laughter which lights the whole house. It was awkward and there I laid on the bed literally starring at nothing, and in that quietness, I dozed off. I woke up later that midnight from a bad dream, a dream I didn’t understand, I couldn’t pray because I believed that wouldn’t change nothing and there I laid, scared with my eyes widely open with different thought running through.

The following morning, I heard a knock on my door and I was told by the person who ushered me in a day before who I guessed to be one of the workers in the house, she told me my aunt was calling me and with fear I followed, wondering if something terrible had happened, for I had my mind and head filled with terrible and wild thoughts after the dream I had, on getting to my aunt’s room, surprisingly, she hugged and greeted me and immediately I felt at ease, I was made to have breakfast with my aunt in her room and that made me loosen up a bit.
The following week my aunt told me I would be enrolled into a new school, I was excited that my education was going to continue afterall, the following morning I drove with my aunt to my new school and after few paperworks and signatures I became a student of the school.
Months had passed and I still haven’t heard from my siblings, everyday I wondered if life was treating them rightly and if not, if they could handle whatever life throws at them.

On a sunny afternoon, I was in my room working on my school assignment when I heard my aunt scream my name, I ran to her room, on getting there, I was introduced to a woman who she referred to as her daughter and afterwards told me that I was going to leave with her to stay and start a new life; oh goodness gracious! I was angry and sad at the same time, how often do I have to move from one place to another? How do I adjust to the new environment yet again, coupled with enrolling into another school within the period of five months! But I had no say, and with my head down trying to hide the tears in eyes I went to my room to pack my bags again, with tears streaming down my eyes waiting, looking forward, expecting what life would bring my way.

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  1. She’s saying the fact,I was the one that took her to the exam hall at FGGC Ipetumodu to seat for the new entrance examination. What a memorable day, I left some of my work undone because my aunty instructed me to make a moved that very day. Alot of things happened on our way to the school but we give God the glory today God bless you dear ….. I pray the Good Lord will always perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name.. I love you dear sister..

  2. Love how the syory unfolds sucks how we have to wait for a whole week before another episode, well written Folasade👏👏

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