Episode 4

“This is your room” the woman said, Walking into a beautifully furnished room with teddy bears was amusing and with a smile I thanked the woman. she unpacked my bags and arranged them neatly in the wardrobe and afterwards left, I laid on the bed admiring the colorfulness of the room and in my admiration I was called for dinner, surprisingly it was my favorite and I ate with joy.
Weeks after, I got enrolled yet again into another school and in weeks of resumption I became popular for my wittiness and in no time made friends and became close to most of the teachers.
Everything seemed to be well under control for me, I finally had a good place to stay and doing well in school, I was finally happy I had life my back together. My small stature and pretty face attracted boys to me and with joy I enjoyed the special treatment I got from the boys in my school and neighborhood, it was so much fun to be treated specially and getting constant comments about my brilliance from my teachers and neighbours which made the woman I was staying with so fond of me. One evening I saw a man in his late twenties in the house and the woman I was staying with introduced me to him as his daughter and him as Uncle B, the man who would come over to the house to help with errands like servicing the generator, getting fuel and many other things, I was shocked and at the same time happy she now saw me as her daughter I mean, it was a good feeling to be accepted into the family and with a smile I nodded and went back to my room. Weeks passed and I became so fond of Uncle B who happens to be soft spoken and seemingly caring. Every evening when he would come over to the house to help put on the generator. when the woman and her husband came home late from work, my heart gladdens for I took him as a gist partner who compliments my prettiness at every chance he gets
“Knock ,knock”; I heard the door and rushed to open the door, it was uncle B. I hugged him with excitement and as usual he switched on the generator and surprisingly said he wanted to spend some time with me that evening till “my parents” return. I was excited and with this thrill, I hugged him again, he asked for water to drink and I rushed to get him a cup of water from the water dispenser. on getting to him he looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and gave him the cup of water, he took the water and asked me to sit on his lap which I innocently did, he asked how my day was and as usual I rained down events, telling him every single and important detail I could remember. Then, I felt a huge bulge under me, I froze, I didn’t know what it was and in the bid not to be awkward I continued with what I was saying. Then, Uncle B turned me around, smiled at me and kissed me! I froze again, looking into his eyes, wondering what all that meant and why he did what he did, he began to fondle my just developing breast, it was painful, I screamed, then I heard a knock at the door, he jolted up from where he sat, grabbed me with this huge arms warning me not to tell a single soul of what happened and if I did, he was going to kill me. I stood there still in shock while he went to open the door, it was the woman I was staying with, they both exchanged pleasantries, thanked him for keeping my company while she was away, he rushed out telling the woman he had errands to run for others in the neighborhood. I greeted the woman, took the grocery bag from her to the kitchen, rushed to my room, slammed the door and wept, shivering in fear, I didn’t know why Uncle B would do that to me or even threaten to kill me if I spoke about it, I was only nine years old! I saw him as a soft spoken and gentle person, is something wrong with me?, Am I the problem? Did I make him change? Those were the questions I was asking myself in misery.

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