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We locked arms,

Our feet entwined,

Our lips sought each other deep and long,

I shuddered and responded to the convulsive pleasure,

My moans rolled out with rhythmic harmony,

I gave my all as we rustled beneath the sheets,

It was a sumptuous delicacy; no doubt,

For I licked the plate clean,

Forbidden or not; I ate the fruit skin and seed,

But when the game ended,

I felt a tingle and a void,

They filled me with the longing for more,


More of IT,

Not more of you.

I’m sorry but not sorry,

For the times I crawled out to another sheet

To be covered and filled with warmth and more,

And for the times I’ll steal into the dead night

To hunt for IT,

IT that it is,

Pleasant bursts of forbidden ecstasy.

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