Rants on a Red Note: Eyes Lie Not, Eyes Die Not

Rants on a Red Note: Eyes Lie Not, Eyes Die Not

“Stop killing ‘hus’.”
“Stop ‘kirring’ us.”
(Faintly) “‘Stof’ killing us.”

It continued like this until…
(People in the Rock)
“We express shock.”
“We express worry.”

But, what they were doing was–
“We express inaction.”
“We express silence.”

Not long after, we had a renaming ceremony.
“From now on, this child, New niu, shall be called New nju:

“Weeeee don’t waaaaant!”

“Crown a person, and let the crowned one come forth.”

“Nooo! We all are crowned!”
(More shootings, violence, blood, death)

(People in the Rock)
“How do we show these people that demanding for their rights is an offence that is punishable by death?”

(Laughs) “Simple.” (Adjust glasses). “First, cover the sky with darkness, so, whoever is up there won’t see us.” Now, come closer, (whispers) see that thing they’re wielding like bulletproofs? We’ll have to soil it with blood. We can even replace the white in the middle with red.

(Nods) “Good idea. What to do now?”

“Open fire!”

The people tasted bloodthirsty fire in the darkness of that place, and it consumed them. We saw it. But–

“I didn’t do it.”
“It’s fake news.”
“Forces beyond our control”
“There was no death”

It rained bullets. Mother Dragon visited some places. He who prayed not to be ended got ended. He who? Oke.

Don’t ask how or when we got here. We’ve always been here, but we didn’t know until now.
I’m angry and sad. A peaceful protest turned into a massacre, right beneath our noses. What government kill its people, yet lie about the obvious, or simply keep mute? The brutality we Nigerians are protesting against is now being showered on us.

Now, nightfall scares me (you’re scared too, aren’t you?), and I can’t sleep anymore, not after seeing those videos of dead victims at the Lekki toll gate massacre and that picture of Nigerian flag soiled with blood. I’m worried too.

That there are some ‘forces beyond the government’s control’ does not make sense. That lie from the governor’s mouth that no one died in that Lekki massacre is disgusting. A lot of media houses in Nigeria are underreporting the killings and terror unleashed on people across the country. Are our eyes lying to us? We know what we’re seeing, fgs. Ah!

You’re wondering? This is a rant series. MyRantSeries. There are lots of things to rant about and I’m angry enough to do it, so… I’m here, and this is number one. The creative piece above is what it is. Read it, feel it, enjoy it.

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  1. What a write-up. It’s so lovely and well said, and as a matter of fact, well narrated. Love it.

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