The Eye That Sees It All

The Eye That Sees It All

 I am Third Eye. The eye that sees it all. I see everything that human beings do not see. I am invisible too. You cannot see me but I can see you and see through you. I am a wanderer as well, and here I am, in Sumbo’s room, looking at these men in starched, black shirts and trousers. They are searching the room for evidence. Finally, they find one. They see the note. They see the final note that everyone will believe Sumbo wrote.

   “Chaii, dis life dey quick tiresome people o”, the first ‘man in black’ bursts out.

   “All the things wey dey happen for this country reach make person tire”, the second man replies.

   “My brother, na true talk o. If no be say we sef rugged, we for don jump inside water”, the first man says.

 I gaze at Sumbo’s cold body. I stare at her bloodied belly and her hands that hold on firmly to the knife plunged into her stomach. If only these men know that that note is pregnant with secrets that may never be birthed.

 I wandered into this compound yesterday evening and I was about leaving when my eyes caught the shadow of a stealthy movement. I could tell that it was a man. I became curious. I wanted to know his mission. I followed him as he crept towards Sumbo’s room. The door was not locked, so he easily sneaked in.

 In the room, I saw Sumbo sleeping deeply, oblivious of the presence of the uninvited visitor. The guy was dressed in black – a black hoodie, trousers and sneakers. He also wore a face mask and hand gloves. I knew right away that he came to take a soul. He dropped that note on her bookshelf. The handwriting in that note is a perfect replica of Sumbo’s. I already saw it all.

 He brought out a new knife from his pocket and removed it from its sheath. It shone in the darkness. He bent over her, covered her mouth and drove the knife into her belly with a great force. Ah! Sumbo did not struggle at all. She lost the battle before she could fight. A few seconds later, life slipped out of her and I saw her spirit leave her body. The hoodie guy released her mouth and wrapped her hands around the knife. He left the room, locked it and disappeared into the darkness.

 I felt connected to both Sumbo’s body and her forlorn spirit. I couldn’t leave. We were together when the day broke and one of Sumbo’s neighbours came to knock on her door. She tried to open it when she did not get a response but could not. She was certain that she had seen Sumbo enter her room the previous day and it was unusual that she hadn’t left for lectures by that time. She had a feeling that something is wrong. She called the other neighbours and they broke into the room. They were met with a gory sight. In their horror, they called the ‘men in black’.

 Now, the ‘men in black’ have drawn their conclusion – ‘life don tire the girl, na im make am kill herself’. They contact her family members to move the body out of the room. They assure them that investigations will continue.

 Her family members insist on burying her today. What’s more? They ask one another. She killed herself. That note confirmed it. No thumbprint was found on the knife but hers. If only they know that culprit is here with them. He is present as they lower her body into the belly of mother earth, amidst tears. But they can’t see, for it is only I who can see what no one sees. I am Third Eye. An eye that sees beyond two. I see and know everything.

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What do you think?

    1. With this story, Third Eye has reported already. It has drawn the attention of the public to suicide-mistaken murders and also, to thoroughly investigate deaths especially suicide.

  1. This is disheartening.
    I agree with Festus, the third eye should do more that just sight seeing.
    How I wished someone like the third eye that also has the ability to intervene exist.
    Things will surely be better…

    1. The Third Eye is just an invisible wanderer that is calling one’s attention to the fact some suicide might be murder. It is left to humans to unravel the mysteries behind suicide before concluding.

  2. Hmmmm so sad. May the souls of people like Sumbo find comfort and peaceful rest.
    I wish the invisible third eye can do more than just sight seeing everything.

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