That stone you threw on me

Sank very well to the depth of my heart

And brought me back to the crying ways

As a child staring at his parent’s devorce

I watched you turn your back on me

As if I never loved you


I walked with you in the rain so we soaked together

I took you to the club and had our fun together

I held your hand when lightening struck that mugumo tree

Assuring you that you were safe though afraid I was

I took you out at night to view the stars dwindling

And you promised ever to stay by my side

Then in the end you paid me by leaving me lonely

As if I never loved you


To what can I compare you evil ‘death’

You took her away before she could fullfil the promise

Among all ladies, why did you only choose her?

Or was her beauty not meant to be in this world?

Now that you have her, take to her this message

That my heart is weak yet she broke it to pieces

Her death was like a stone thrown on a fragile heart

All I do is wish she were here with me

Lastly I hate you death you robbed me my fairy

For lack of a better word I’ll call you a thief

  • Surely death is a thief.


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