Hey Mr. Hero!!


I once heard about you and laughed it out. Mum also encouraged me saying we worship daily so you could not dare call on us. Then the spread was ore and you became vile and started attacking every country, big or small. You attacked the first African country but I never believed, then the next and next and finally our country was never spared. Mr. Hero, you landed in this country in March and took the control. I remember going back to mum and asking her what next only to realize I asked a right question at a wrong time. Never have I saw mum blow so loudly!! I know you are here to stay with us and I don’t deny. Mr Hero, we don’t want to make you less and yet we don’t want to be under your control.


So, I’ll wash my hands more often and keep the one metre social distance. I’ll put on my mask everywhere and avoid my initial social life that’s, hugging, kissing and so on. I’ve learnt how to kill a hero, you only  be humble. I will be humble and follow all the WHO directives and pursuad others to do so until we struck you down 

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