She starred outside for a while. It was cold tonight. She liked the feeling it gave her this night. She laughed nervously, her hands shaky . Her breath was more like a gasp .she encouraged herself  silently,  chanting her muse more like a mantra  . She smiled, this time evil and cute . She was nervous.  The way she moved made it obvious. She was following through no matter what ,she saw him.  He looked cute and hot . The perfect snack she licked her lips . As he approached, She saw his features better. It was just like she was seeing him for the first time. This was different. He glowed in her eyes just how she wanted him to be hot and ready. She couldn’t wait as soon as they got to the door.  She took his lips in hers and bite softly and teasing . He took the cue and kissed back hard and strong . It was all-consuming for him,  his golden prize.  Their tongues fought for dominance. It was hot and thrilling for Her like She had dreamt every night. She fumbled with the key. They finally got in with the door locked behind them.  She breathes; heavily she loves the thrill and ecstasy this brought. He couldn’t be still.  He kept on tugging and touching and smooching all at once. She loves the intensity with which he charged. It made it sweeter at the end. He burned for Her The fire would consume him till he rises in flame.  Then the perfect moment came to her grandfather’s wall clock struck.  It was fast and boring.  Same old tune, She struck . Nothing compared to the pain and surprise on his face. It fueled her ecstasy She laughed a little too loud and cried. She held his face as he fought for that one precious gift called life .she knows the end is near.  She moved swiftly to start clearing things up. This time it was boring as the blood oozed out He loosed his life in bits  The joy was short but pure. She laughed once again crying hard. This time what has she done?  She shook herself hard. She has rehearsal and roles to play for the next day for she is twisted and molded by pain. Tomorrow she plays sweet for the next and then the next.


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