We don’t choose who we love

We don't choose who we love

The world questions what it was I saw in you that made me fall,
When they ask if it was your looks I shake my head and tell them not at all,
Some wonder if maybe I’m a broken soul that likes punishment,
Others wonder if maybe my heart just desperately craves emotional nourishment,
To all these I simply smile and tell them no,
But truthfully I really just do not know,
Because you are not even a successful man just a mere shadow,
You spend your days sleeping and when night comes at the bottom of a bottle you wallow,
You’re champion only at the local brothels and bars,
And at home you’re only good at giving me new scars,
I know I should listen to common sense and pack up and walk away,
But my stubborn heart takes no heed to your actions so your hold on me barely ever sways,
Sometimes I wish when my heart whispers your name I can tell it no but I have no such powers,
Because unfortunately when it comes to who we give our love to the choice is not ours.

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