Not a collective race nor a relay race, it is an individualistic race.

What are you aiming or/and aspiring for, that you are already getting tired of?, nobody will take it up and it can’t be given to another. What a life?


No competition, but you can take a break.

Detach yourself from pressure and be confident about the journey. It can be slow and it might look so blurry, but what matters is _ you keep moving cause the peak of it might seem far or near.


Imagine the end and see yourself happy, being awarded and celebrated. I hope it gives you the push and adds more effort in the diverse race you have engaged  yourself into, what realistic blessings it will bring.


Yes ! You cannot wait to get there, as well as the position meant for you cannot wait to receive you (smiles). Prioritize the chances as you make the best out of it, what an honor it will be.



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