VICKOVA ( Modelling Impactful Valour ) 🌹


I was intentional 📌 and she was scared of giving herself to me, but I turned on the ignition knowing fully well about her nature, strength and purpose to journey with me in the world we found ourselves.


More than just a carved creature, 🤗 I can’t think of an attractive feature that she don’t possess. Touching me in an in-depth manner, I finally realized she’s a complete fit for me and the generations to come through us.


Time has brought her 💘 to me. A spark that beget love to souls, and a companion ❤️ that brighten hope to my foggy path.The greatest of all gift (Excellence par time) 


The reasons behind the name – Time_Light… Depart not from me, as I am enjoying the growth – Believing we will arrive at the successful destination together.




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