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“Aru! Abomination! You can not blame a man for the problems in a home, if anything goes wrong, then it is the woman, how can you say because of the little problem we had, you can no longer love me, just because I dragged you in the middle of the night to go back to your father’s house when I was angry, you think I am the worst man on earth, don’t you know I am a man, and as a man, I have to react when my woman annoys me to show her I am the man, if not how will she learn, Okoro killed his wife but still the wife’s family was begging him to take her other sister, Nnena in as a second wife but you are getting angry just because I hit you, at least I didn’t kill you, na man I be and I fit vex but you as my woman suppose understand” said Obinna.

Azu was a small village with its progress smaller than the size of the village, they no had no other occupation asides farming, selling and fishing. Other neighbouring villages were prospering at least could boast of some educated people and foreign interest and investment, for some reasons that know one could understand the village grew smaller with the people getting poorer by the day.

One thing stood out and that was the role of men in Azu, you could call it “the men’s world” and would be so correct. Women were not recognized or seen as anything, as a matter of fact, their only business was to satisfy the hungry men, be fruitful and multiply the village with children for the men.

“No way!” Adaeze screamed, she could hear her voice in her head few seconds after screaming. “My father beat my mama to pulp in the presence of the entire village, no one said a thing because they blamed mama, they said she was a bad woman, who could not listen to her husband but always had something to say “self defense!”,  they said she did not like to bow her knees low enough to the ground when greeting him in the morning, they watched him slap, hit, kick and feed her dust, even praising him and calling him a strong man, “na man you be, beat am, e no dey hear word” they shouted. Nobody helped mama and she bled to death with last born in her stomach, all the women hid their faces because what will they do, no one stood up for mama or said a word in her favour. All this I watched from the back of the odara tree, my little eyes teary with my throat dry and my fingers yearning for revenge, with that memory I have grown, with that pain I have strength and you Obinna, will not shut me up one more time because if you do, you will join mama” said Adaeze.

“Adaeze! Stop this madness, don’t talk to me in that manner, stubborn woman” Obinna shouted.

“Not stubborn, I rise with all the women’s blood that has been shed on this land, with all their cries, with all their pain and today I am a strong woman” said Adaeze as she stormed out of the house.

Adaeze ran so fast like she was being chased, she stopped at the village square and screamed “arise women, the time is now”, the whole place was dead silent for a minute but the next minute saw an army of women. Women with pains, women with lost hope, forgotten dreams, women with broken wings. They stormed the village screaming like they had never done before, no man could come close, they had never seen anything like this, the strength in their eyes, the hope, the joy was all new and from that day, Azu became a changed and a fertile land.


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  1. Beautiful story..A woman is made for more, not just satistify the sexual desires of men, riot in the kitchen etc.
    she is also entitled to a fabulous life, with her dreams fulfilled…well done

  2. Yes! the best time is now. I love this so much!!! It’s crazy how we still have to deal with things like this but there’s hope and this is proof! God bless you, Madam 🙌🏼

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