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That is not their real face,  they are wolves in sheep clothing”, our chi warned us, but we are stubborn from the womb.

A mysterious dance they danced to our virgin land,  bringing with them tales and wonders that were strange to our eyes and senses, we welcomed them out of curiosity, the human mind is attracted to what it doesn’t know.

The gave us sugar that made everything we had ever tasted become bitter, drinks that made us foolish,  we saw ourselves in their mirrors and forgot ourselves,  Our culture, the ways of our fathers suddenly became obsolete.

We didn’t think of our unborn generation,     

What songs will they sing?

What stories will they tell? 

What tree will they dance under?

What moon will guide them?

All these and more we sold away for bitter sugar.

Suddenly! their white smiles turned to frowns, their funny laughter turned to strange sounds, we thought we were friends but handshakes turned to slaps, their guns turned away from animals and faced us, indeed! We were the real animals,   

Our kings their slaves,

Our daughters their meals,

Our wives their maids, 

Our  sons imprisoned,

We could only wonder what wrong we had committed by trusting, although the holy book says ” put your trust in no man”,  We could only wonder because our mouth could not speak what our heart thought for fear of being heard.

But we are stubborn from the womb, so we fought, we fought to regain the beauty of Africa our land, we fought to regain the innocence of Africa our pride.

Africa that birth us,

Africa that nurtured us,

Africa that watched us,

Africa our strength,

We could see in the midst of the troubles our land waiting to be regained. It held our lost songs, our lost dreams, our lost hopes, waiting to rise again.

The night went on for too long but the day finally came and now I can tell you this story just like my grandmother told me of heroes who fought with their blood and souls, so we can walk reign in Africa as kings.

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  1. While reading this,a tear dropped,a lot of work has been put into this piece,this really hits home,Africa my pride,great work.

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