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Harder“, she whispered to herself digging into the ground hoping to get at least a drop, something, anything to give hope but she met nothing. Three hours earlier, Anna woke up hopeful as she’d decided at night to dig deeper at dawn and just maybe she’ll find water. 


Ikom had poor electricity and only depended on water from two towns away. 


The community though small was loving and strong together, living happily until the last two years of no rain, how their farms suffered. The water coming in daily was insufficient for the individuals not to mention their farms.


Dropping the shovel she journeyed into deep thoughts, rubbing the sweat off her forehead, staring blindly at her farm, suddenly she could see her father, the leaves greener as he handed her an apple for every chore, she enjoyed running, laughing hard as he would carry her on his shoulders to view the rainbow at dusk. The rainbow stayed a wonder to her with each colour bearing hopeful stories from her fathers lips.


She wiped the tears off her eyes thinking “he is no more, the farm is my responsibility now“. Her plants were dying, leaves dry and without fruit.


Later that evening, some community members gathered at the community hall, there was no laughter or smiles their joy seemed far away as they stared at each other with eyes robbed of hope. Everyone fought battles within. Their numbers decreased, as only a few had the strength to make it thus far for their Friday prayers.


Looking pale and skinny in her blue jean, red top and brown jacket that seemed to swallow her, Anna was leaving when the preacher called out to her


“How is the farm?” He asked, returning from her thoughts startled this time looking at his once fitted trousers ” Everything is dying” She responded, not exactly what she wanted to say but she was done speaking faith, so she spat the obvious this time. The preacher’s cheek sagged as he smiled, clearly he wasn’t eating well himself, his eyes smaller and he looked like he was hunching. He needs more help, she thought turning to leave. Quickly grasping her hands he said “do not forget about the rainbow, it might not be visible but it’s always there, I see it every time”.


His words kept her awake all night, how could he possibly see the rainbow, without rain. She could see he needed more help yet he seemed more confident and truly happy.


Five families left Ikom by day break for a new town, this had become the norm as Ikom was dry with nothing good to show.


Anna thrust deeper, harder and farther into the ground, it made her shoulders hurt but all she could see was dry ground. Was this her sign to leave Ikom too? What will happen to this land her father handed her in love? What will she tell her children? What will father do if he were here? she thought. Would she drop dead from hunger one day? Stuck in these cascade of thoughts she could no longer feel her legs, as everything went dark, she dropped to the ground.


The trees were suddenly beautiful, plenty of fruits, a big garden, sounds of laughter from children filled the air, witnessing this great joy, a feeling she deeply missed, shifting her gaze to the people, they looked truly happy but she seemed different, dirty and sad. Looking around amazed at their ecstasy, she saw it…. Oh no!! The rainbow! So big it surrounded the entire space, it looked like it carried the people yet none acted like they saw it, what could this be? She wondered 


Thank God you are awake” a voice said so loudly, she sat up, looking around. The preacher had come to her rescue and carried her into her house.


He served her the warm milk in her kettle, she reached for it thanking him. She then narrated all she saw, he smiled saying, “the promise is our hope that he’s always there even when we can’t see, He is”.


He left leaving Anna engulfed in thoughts as she walked into the farm, it looked the same,no hope,no life, even the preacher looked like he was dying soon just like her farm,none of this is true. Overwhelmed, She could see herself run into the house, pick up a small bag and torch light, she ran fast and deep into the farm, it was suddenly clear to her, she knew exactly what she was to do, she had been wasting time she had to leave, start all over, that was it, nothing else.


She ran as fast as her legs could carry her but then a voice called “Anna!”, who? she thought “Who calls in the dark of the night?”she stopped,pointing her torch to scan the environment but seeing no one, she took another step to leave then she heard the voice say, ” I’m always present,always here, always with you,even when it doesn’t look like it” she fell.


Wailing she said ” I don’t see you, I don’t see life, No hope” interrupting her the voice said “look!”. Anna Slowly lifted her head to the clouds, they looked heavy, “was she dreaming again?” she thought. “How?” she whispered. The voice said ” when the clouds be full….”, 


It dropped right on her face, she thought to run for it was just too good to be true, or was she dead? And then the outpour.


Her smile bursted into laughter as she looked out her window, it had rained all night, she could see the farm bloom, ready to live again, as she penned the words in her diary “I’m always present, even when you can’t see me“, she whispered ” God’s Rainbow“.

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    When the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth.

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