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He is watching you,

He sees everything you do,

Every move,

Every thing you put yourself through,

He sees your pain,

He doesn’t fully understand it yet, but in his own way he tries to,

He doesn’t understand yet why you to go through and bear, why you hurt and don’t share,

But he sees you,

You are the god he knows,

You are the image he sees with eyes closed,

You are the meaning of life to him,

Koko sees through you,

Although what he sees, he doesn’t understand yet,

But in his own little way he tries to

Kwaku, teach him to put his hands to work,

Teach him to trust his instincts,

Teach him to climb mountains with bare hands,

Teach him to make mistakes and learn from it, not run from it

Teach him to know that it’s okay to cry,

Teach him to go and stand for what he believes in,

Teach him to love and nurture,

Teach him to listen,

Kwaku don’t only teach him by your words but by your actions,

Koko sees you, kwaku!

“He calls you father”

He knows you are father,

And that night, with his little ears to the door, he listened as you sobbed, he could feel your pain through the walls of his body, he closed his eyes and in his mind eyes, he could see himself walk up to you and place your tired head on his lap, he fell asleep by the door,

His eyes lightened up when he saw you by morning, so strong and new like you had been through nothing,

Although he could say nothing to you, but he went through the day skipping and singing, running through the old farm because of the strength he saw in you,

He sees himself in you,

And just like you rise from dust, dusted like you ate no dust, he believes he can rise too when struck by storms of life,

He believes he can rise too, when faced with difficult mountains,

He believes he can rise too, when drowned in an ocean of challenges,

He has learnt to rise just like you, for he sees you,

Kwaku, you are a land filled with milk and honey, 

You are mother, you are father,

You are a soothing oil to a strained ankle,

You are the sweet perfume on a maiden’s body,

You are the moonlight in the darkest night,

You are Africa!

Arise! Don’t drown in tough times for Koko, your children are watching and learning from you.












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