This year has been interesting yet sad for many. Individuals all over the world before, during and after the pandemic will seek means to improve the quality of their lives. One of the numerous ways to do this is to seek advice from people who are capable of logically analysing problems and preferring solutions. The advice could be gotten from a religious leader, family member, friend, health worker or a motivational speaker. A motivational speaker is someone that speaks to people in a manner intended to inspire them. Motivational speeches and write ups are usually designed to challenge people, to make them take actions that will change their lives and the lives of people around them.

Motivational speakers help people shift their attention away from existing problems and provide a guide that helps their audience make a change in their professional and personal lives. They usually offer advice based on their personal experiences or on the experiences of others. The audience of a motivational speaker will vary from institutions of learning to churches, board meetings, community centres, conferences and even virtual meetings. Motivational speakers talk about different aspects of life from personal development, career, relationships, business, community, activism, friendships and self esteem.

There are an estimated 40 thousand motivational speakers in the United States of America and in March 2020, the motivational speaking industry there was US$1.9 million. In Nigeria, the motivational speaking industry is not as large, but quite influential. Fela Durotoye, Leke Alder, Niyi Adesanya, Lanre Olusola, Ibukun Awosika and Ubong Essien are some of the great minds in Nigeria that help to inspire people of different ages and challenge them to take steps that would improve the quality of their lives. Motivational speakers could be individuals of any profession. They could be bankers, lawyers, doctors, actors, writers, entrepreneurs, accountants or work in any other field. Anyone can be a motivational speaker.

There are no set out requirements for people who want to become motivational speakers, but public speaking courses might help them be taken more seriously. Certifications in public speaking from renowned institutes such as the TY Howard Seminars Motivational Speaker School, IAP Career College, or public speaking courses from trainers in the area make a motivational speaker more credible. Social media also gives motivational speakers a platform to reach out and connect to a wider audience.

Motivational speakers are adored by their fans, but their advice and opinions depend on factors such as the environment they grew up in, their personality type and the people they have encountered in their journey of life. It could take a stranger to convince you to take that giant step that will launch you into success. It could also take another stranger to give you advice that is not objective because they are not aware of the unique circumstances that affect the problems in your life. In my opinion, if you want a good push the best person to approach is a honest friend or family member who knows you and your weaknesses. Nevertheless, motivational speakers have been able to inspire and touch many lives.

P.S: I am tired of hearing impractical talk like, “Everything you need is inside you,” or “There is a tiger inside you”. After all, I cannot withdraw cash from my thoughts. That aside, motivational speakers, avoid me.

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