The Millions is a Nollywood comedy thriller that was released in the year 2019. Directed and written by Tunde Apalowo and Toka Mcbaror, The Millions is a high grossing movie with an estimated budget of 62 million naira. The movie was produced by the Nigerian television personality and former model, Chika Lann who played a supporting role in the movie. The cast is star studded having Ramsey Noah, Ayo Makun(AY), Nancy Isime, Ali Nuhu, Etinosa Idemudia, Toyin Abraham, Blossom Chukwujekwu and Samuel Perry(Broda Shaggi) as members of cast.

The story begins with Ben(Ramsey Noah), a con man who successfully does a money scam and runs off on a bike. We see him spend his ill gotten wealth on sex workers and drinks. Then Ben is approached by a colleague and friend, Wole Baba(Ayo Makun) to help out with a deal. The deal involves stealing millions of dollars from a guarded house, and Ben rejects the job because of the high risk involved. Unfortunately, Ben is kidnapped by a kingpin, Sheikh(Ali Nuhu) who says that Ben’s last scam victim is his cousin. Sheikh threatens to kill Ben and asks him to return the stolen money within a week. Ben considers taking the risky deal because it is the only way to pay his debt.

Ben has a visitor when he arrives at his house. His friend and colleague, Jerome(Blossom Chukwujekwu) who quit the life of crime to marry Adenike(Toyin Abraham) is in a poor financial state. Jerome is unhappy  because his wife is pregnant and her relatives are putting pressure on him to take a job he hates. Ben tells Jerome of his situation and tries to convince him to join the team for the deal. A visit to the house where the money is kept shows the level of security in the area and the duo give up.

Ben finds the lady that bought him a drink at a club sometime ago alone. She tells him her name is Ivy. Ivy(Nancy Isime) gives Ben the opportunity he wants. Her house is opposite the guarded house where the money is and Ben decides that the only option is to dig. He plans with Jerome and Wole Baba to dig a tunnel between the two houses and retrieve the money.  There are squabbles initially between Wole Baba and Jerome because of Jerome’s focus on technicalities and minute details. Ben stays in the middle and focuses on distracting Ivy and when Ivy wants a couple’s retreat, he agrees. The plan is successful and when Ben and his team retrieve the money, the game changes.

Ben finds out that Wole Baba and his girl friend Amaka(Chika Lann) have planned to steal the money when Wole Baba aims his gun at him out of the blue. He finds out that he has been working for Ivy all along. She explains how she rented the house opposite his just so he would be keen on the plan. After the revelation, Sheikh comes in with his thugs and carts away the money. Everyone goes their separate ways until the last part of the movie where Ben meets Ivy again. They both discover that they are both con artists and Ben tells Ivy her real name. Ben reveals that he sent Adenike to come for the real money in another van and that Sheikh made away with no actual cash. The movie ends with the team members splurging on some vacation and a possible steaming romance between Ben and Ivy.

The Millions is an interesting movie with a lot of suspense that leaves the viewers guessing. For me, it is more of a psychological thriller than a comedy thriller. It told an interesting story and it was engaging, with good choice of music. I would rate “The Millions” a good six out of ten. I think Ramsey Noah’s pidgin could be better and that Ayo Makun could try to take on less comic roles. Overall, “The Millions” was intriguing and entertaining. It is available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

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