Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, in the world that we live in there are some people considered more pleasing to the eye than the average person. Cultural standards of beauty vary but in every society, there are some individuals considered more beautiful or handsome than the rest of the group. For example, for the Kayan Lahwi women of Myanmar, the longer a woman’s neck and the more neck rings she wears, the more beautiful she is. For Suri women in Ethopia, a lip plate enhances beauty. For some Caucasians, paler skin is considered more attractive while for Americans, a tan will catch the eyes of willing admirers. Beauty is a desirable quality that people admire and pay for because of the many benefits associated with it.
A study conducted in 2013 on physical attractiveness in adolescents and young adults revealed that beauty is a contributing factor for socio-economic inequality. Both male and female applicants who are considered attractive are more likely to be given a job by potential employers than unattractive applicants with the same credentials and resume. Physically attractive workers are also more likely to be paid higher wages than unattractive workers. They are as a result, more confident and charming. This is the reason why attractive workers climb the corporate ladder faster than unattractive workers.
A Finnish study revealed that attractive female and male political candidates do better at the polls than politicians who are less attractive. This is because attractive people are more likeable and seen as trustworthy by other people. They are more likely to have good friendships and gain connections required to step up the ladder of success. Attractive people are also perceived to be competent and sociable. This is as a result of the friendliness they receive from people and the warmth such friendliness attracts. Less attractive people do not receive such levels of warmth and so they are perceived to be less sociable and confident.
On the dating scene, most people want an attractive partner. Ripped abs, smooth skin, soft hair, a beautiful face, a hourglass figure and many other characteristics are factors some people consider when choosing a partner. An ideal partner for many individuals is one they can show off and count themselves lucky to have. However, while attractive people are more likely to get into relationships, a study has shown that it is easier for them to get out. Celebrities and very attractive people are more likely to be sought out by other people while they are in a relationship and this could lead to the end of their relationship.
Physical attractiveness has its benefits, but they are not for everyone. It is ok if you do not fit into the typical standards of beauty in your region or country, you are beautiful to someone. Self acceptance is the first step for the journey of self confidence and at some point in our lives, we have to learn that. Beauty standards vary across the world but the truth is that we are all beautiful in our different ways. Smile, you have got that beauty privilege.

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