don’t be a man


don’t ever be a man


My boy, I know you want to be a man, you want to become big, maybe you want to be successful. You want people to accord you with that ‘you’re a man’ genre of respect and you want to take charge of responsibilities. You want to be a man. But you’ll never be if all you chase is being perfect and being a man.


Being a man is burdening yourself with worries and responsibilities that don’t matter. So don’t be a man. Be human. Be alive. Live to fulfil only the things that give long-lasting happiness and not short-lived ones — don’t be a man, be human, and stay alive.


Different cultures, different groups of friends, different packs of humans groomed differently, growing from different homes have found different cliché for ‘being a man.’


Be a man and kill your emotions. Be a man and rule the woman’s world —play on her vulnerability & weaknesses.


Are you a man when you haven’t had a certain number of body counts; how many ladies have you shown your sexual prowess; your Kamasutra styles? Be a man and forget that ‘you’re human’ statement; it shouldn’t catch you.


Don’t. Don’t try being a man. Continue being the little boy with so much energy to live; the boy who plays all day long with the little girls and sees them as girls, sisters, lovers, and friends. Be the little boy who sees the world as a home not to victimise, as a place of growth. 


My boy, never become a man, if being one is taking away others’ smiles for your deciduous happiness. Do not be a man, my boy. Be a boy & live life like the baby boy that you are.


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