The first impression I get from females that use facelift cannot be aired after all. I don’t like any of those things. Although, it has been widely accepted and no matter what you write about it will just give it more attention. I wish I can find the right definition for a facelift that will lure you into thinking it’s not sentimental and start directing your thought towards the health hazard it causes. I’ve come a long way into believing in its cancellation. The disgust could be attached to the way I was brought up, but when I grew to an extent, I started liking it until I come into the real understanding of it. That was the day I saw placentyne on a hairdresser’s shelf.

I’ve fallen in love with girls that use these things but it may interest you to know that I’ve seen their natural woman before. Before they start wearing their masquerade face and dragon finger nails, I’ve known them by their names, their walk, the way they talk and their heart. The only thing that baffles me is that many know about the lesser good that facelift causes than the harms but they just love it that way. One reason we’re our own murderers.

The best time to kill yourself is your happiest moment – a moment of wedding ceremony, birthday party, reunion party, and that moment when you want to make yourself happy(no be for boys ni?). Maybe I’m becoming personal, but I can remember a good number of friends that have become the most beautiful skeletons when they put on these things. I was traveling some days ago and I saw an earring. Well, if jailers decide to put that in our hands, I believe many will shout blood of Jesus and Ahusubillahi will never be far from a Muslim that has known no direction to any mosque. But here we are, loading our ears, noses, even the side of our eyebrows with the sharp tool as if we’re loading credit card.

I just felt like buying a shade some months ago and while checking which one fits me, I saw a very beautiful lady, spotless and gifted with her colorful skin (black). I was already feeling like she was mine, that I would report her to God to help me arrange her until I saw her legs. The chains were thicker than the one used for Ebiere in black November movie. I know some people will come and say its not called chain but has another name, but I don’t seem to understand why you must adhere to the name because it’s not chain.

I’ve bought a chain and ring for someone but I regretted it. I had to pay for her because I wanted to. Well, to make this cracky, I really loved her for who she is, so I’ve decided to buy the cigarette before sealing the lips. I lost the game by the way, but I hated myself for doing so. It’s a common luxury that no one really cares about these days. You wear a facelift and chains to seduce a guy? My dear, you’re not only on your own, you’re seriously cracking beyond repair.

International centre for investigative research has done justice to it (https://www.icirnigeria.org/extra-these-beauty-products-and-ingredients-will-kill-you/). It based its research on the damages the chemicals can cause. I was enlightened for the first time about the fragrance written on perfumes and that of body creams come to mind. Is there a chemical name called fragrance? Definitely one idiot has been buried inside the cream or makeup that we don’t know. Let’s just say we’re are guilty and ignorant of this. I wish you can browse the research institute and check the facts gracing the site.

I define makeups as a costume used to raise yourself forcefully up to standard. I know some friends who are seriously bold to turn ugly. They’re the ones that will still come and ask that “so, we should not use makeup?”. It is left to us though. All I know is that a beautiful person is know at heart, actions, mind and in words. I’m waiting for a day that makeups will be created for those attributes too.

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  1. I feel only the extreme use of facelift and other adornments should be castigated. We can not shy away from the fact that, when they are used rightly, little or no health hazards are incured and the resulting beauty that emmanates from the user can not be overemphasized.

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