Life’s book of fate


Life has different meanings to people. It is pleasure to some, a roll of crystal of life. While to others, it is a game of survival. In this journey of life, you choose your weapons, but fate has ways of attacking to plant grief in one’s pocket. Some of the hard choices life throws to us, but we are not dumb, but tongue tied: tied by guilt – a guilt that takes one up an eon in the morning and takes one back to bed at night, a guilt that has refused to desert one, a guilt that will definitely be one’s companion until the day he dies. When beaten hard in one’s eye, the other eye may be left to chase the bee. But when fate stands strong to crush our tall wall, let me tell you, it is what you call it- it may just be a mirage trying to make us stronger.

We call it the scary name which will partake in the end of the world, according to christian belief. You know, when opened, a breeze blows across its hindbrain to make it act so fast, making it a cool folk even when everything is hot. Many have made it a date which has to be nurtured for life without the thought of a remedy.

There are two books opened for a fateful life. Everyone has his own chapter written with different colors and designed with different regalia of hope in its quality. You may choose to number your page to know which misfortune or fortune has passed you. You may choose to give it a content so that the bad or good state of yours would be easily summarized. The utmost fate lies in the palm of the end, where everyone will be required to defend his worth and there, we will know whose fate is tainted.

That time of horror has gone, when we only wish to increase our efforts, when a pauper still remembers to take his friend along the journey of good wishes. But this time is worst because the university has decided never to spare the girl that spent her whole life strolling the corridor full of fondling fingers and the boy that made his bed at the “ova-gate”. I am. not saying they don’t have good success, but many turn to dust within a slight time. That’s not all, the university has talked some into appearing like fools after several nights of reading, cramming and pouring their lives out to fallibility. That’s not the university ‘s fault please, but fate playing us into a snug of faith or failure, playing the shopping spirit into our souls and rending or repairing us to fit best into a customised line.

Now, a lifetime injury may gift one a lifetime in jail. Don’t think about the business moguls who have failed several times but ended flying, but what about the man who failed when he was in your time but he’s now your lecturer, your professor, your advisor. Life is a turn and it exchanges seat. I am not better than you, I’m also a growing student like you. but I control fate, I’m invincible. It’s in you to let go of your low esteem and brace yourself up. You were not born to compete with fate, you were born to have faith. This is enough for now.

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