I visit all the social media that I’m present on especially face book. Only God knows how I got addicted to twitter that I now don’t log out anymore. Instagram is one of those poisons that pat you at the back with beautiful pictures, even if they’re supported with facelift, but you’re losing your subscription within second. Just a month ago, I decided to mount LinkedIn to announce to the world that i’m also human.

Let me pick them one by one.

Many of us as youth don’t know how to use these social media. A quantifiable percentage only come to display their body shapes as beautifully ugly they are and some guys will only come to exhibit their boyish figure with those friends they visit the parlour to drink a one hundred and fifty naira alcoholic drink. We have seen face book as our photo album or a market to put ourselves on sale and call ourselves some sorts of materials. Nothing more than asking people to comment how you look on a Sunday morning. I was told by a friend that people earn a lot – like a hundred likes or more but nothing more.

Although, I’ve not done a lot on face book, but I see no reason to buy newspaper every time since this channel has been a help. You can be motivated, sign up for newsletters, get notifications from outlets for applications and create a public figure for yourself. Meanwhile, I have noticed that youths are frivolous in using any opportunity and at last make no mental or sensible output.

Instagram is just there. Well, personally I don’t really use it. What I look for on this medium most is the important person that follows me. Apart from friends, I really hunger for business tycoons to hit the follow button. I’ve heard several entrepreneurial minds on my follow button and some people follow me because of the novice pictures I take. Also, I follow religious groups, press writers’ button, click here to nominate entertainment accounts and other outlet of interest. I have friends that I don’t follow, though not all friends are important on social media.

Twitter is mostly for politics. I enjoy those Nigerian presidency, Chimamanda, apc and pdp, Headies, the likes of Senator Ben Murray Bruce, Shehu Sanni, Saharareporters, news telegraph, and so on are very educative and informative. News outlet make use of twitter to gather information and facts.

LinkedIn is the big men’s medium, right? You think so. We make noise that there is no job in Nigeria, we rely on those legal criminals ruling us, meanwhile entrepreneurs need us out there. A job application at IITA closed on January 3 of this year. There are jobs in Lagos, but it’s not really easy working in Lagos. But the fact is that if you need connections and serious links of your profession, just make sure to set your profile to the connection you want. Meanwhile, the earlier the better. I’m not telling you that you’ll compulsorily be employed, but their is big chance of getting a job.

It is left to everyone to be wise with whatever he has. Most religious people are fanatical that the internet is totally demonic, but they suffer unemployment, mental paucity and ignorance. Whenever people work on the internet space, many would say it’s fraudulent act, but the definition of social media and the free space is left to an individual.

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