One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Gun-dressed, with a splash of arousal and bones worn around her emotion, “You cannot expect me to continue enduring this distaste in your lion’s Pooh”, she said, standing akimbo before her losing emotion.

She likes wearing her fly-linen on her skinny jeans, hot bikini, panties designed with butterfly shape, colourful with two ropes tied at the back. She fondly wears blue brassiere with white craggy short. And she had been in several relationships as if it is partnership short term deal. She likes going out, making herself a pawn and she calls it a matter of moment. She interestingly wears up to fifty waist beads and her legs are full of packs of prison padlocks. It was becoming empty for her mind to hold on to the dirty drive he was taking her through lies of his body possessions and everything like an extra wheel that could make her part stay.

“I don’t know why you’re gun-dressed at me!”, Roy exclaimed, blocking her hottest at the red, smooth, automatic door. His hands up and legs spread across the spaces. “You’ve been consistent at being naggy at me for twenty hours a day, breaking me apart, spewing your hot back in your linen dress alone. We’ve stayed together for over three months but it is better if you had stayed out”, he continued, pointing at her, three fingers and his eyes protuberant with frustration.

“Sex! Yes, Sex”, she replied with her eyes springing and front teeth shining like polished fire. She sounded like a car rim scratching the chest of the road sheet.

“The first day I got here was the day I took-off with the search for escape. I love you. I want something like a sexual escapade. I feel one demon is playing with my angel. How boring you are! I saw Max giving it to her girl on prom night. Yeah! They were so oily that nobody could even told them to stop. They needed it, they were parting ways, they’ve waited for the night, both of them, but your mind has never stayed under my panties a second, Roy. Don’t even bamboozle me, we have been together and you expect me to drag your belt? You must be crazy!”.

Silence took over them for seven minutes at dawn when leaves only give their swishing sound, there was light splattering over the outdoors and fence corners, it would never disturb the rooms’ dark areas. The room has a green roof-sheet and windows are blind from outside. Everywhere is secured with the building located on the bank of a bush. The builders of that house were probably from the tower of Babel, they were so good and purposeful.

It appeared like no one was in but the nightguard heard voices: of goats giving tickling sound, plates crashing on one another and falling of rods and rod-like fruits on cream-plates, sliding in and standing firm through a viscous surface, of different wrappers blowing and forming balloon shape ready to bust.

They moved from the living room to the kitchen, their hearts pounding and finding something soft to milk on, both of them holding each other’s cloth. Earl hung her legs on his waist, directing his hands to every part of her body, her tongue stretched into his, they locked their skins like a perfect Pavillion latched with nice lectern, they were totally undressed. Roy couldn’t stop having this seductive imagination. He didn’t know how to go about it. He gives sounds like goat’s whimper and doesn’t want to hurt her G-spot. He knew he wouldn’t have anything doing with her after their wanton and doggy want. “She would cry and even become crippled for her man on that spot”, he thought. He was afraid, looking straight into her face but didn’t see her containing him because she was tiny-sized.

Earl, drove out of his sight to the club on the fifth street, soliloquizing.

2:30 am…..  Third Street, Ambrose lane.

“If you cannot give it to me, I would go to Max, look for Max, sit with Max, Grind Max, fu…fuck Max. I’d suck Max to death, Man!”

Earl was down to earth with her double-volume colorado and regrettable words sprung from her. Frustration led her away, she was dry under, feeling of the drought of poverty under her wanting flux.

“I will never allow you into my soul anymore. You are a coward, a goat, a toothless dog”, she continued, drunk.


“Earl! Where have you been?” Roy asked, wondering, his eyes flung like a side note. He carried her in to be cleaned.

The sexual feeling remained on her when she woke in the morning. It was a long night. She met him – Max, took him away from his girlfriend, they talked around and got each other drunk, but he helped her to bed then left, leaving her with lost skin. He later had sex with someone else aside his girlfriend.

“Fuck!”, holding her rough hair, in the morning while Roy prepared coffee for her. She checked her underwent if she wasn’t dreaming. Everything, intact. “Max is a fool”.

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