3 Thoughts

3 Thoughts

As I lay upon my bed by the window pane, thoughts began to trickle in my mind, two things disquieted me, and the third I could not bear:

I was baffled by how a tiny micro-organism could be so strong enough to kill a being 10000 times its weight, an organism with a cellular structure so basic yet complex. Even with the wit and craft of men and “technological advancement” of this age, no answer has been given.

Man that is said to be the apex of creation yet is being subdued by that which his eyes can’t see. This paints a clear picture in my mind that the invisible is stronger than what we can see, that which a man can’t comprehend has power to subdue him.

“Your enemy is stronger when you don’t know it/him/her. – Me”

Another puzzling thought that fondled with the thought receptors of my mind was the supposed people who we thought could “buy” immunity from such infirmities were the most susceptible to it; so you mean all your money which you stored up in this world (which weighs 1000000times than the virus) couldn’t exempt you, how sad when I remember a line that says “money answers all things”, probably excluding covid-19.

I also began to think, how a tiny organism rattled and turned the world upside remained/remains a great mystery, an organism so weak that it could be killed by soap and water and yet so strong to bring the fattest of men to its back. Age long sustainable systems of the world crumbled and laid flat in obeisance to the Almighty power of a minute and almost invisible organism.

My advice to man is that he better seek refuge elsewhere, let him seek for a higher wisdom because cataclysmic events that will tear down and grind to invisible pieces of dust the systems of this world will come knocking, scratch that—barge down on the doors of earth and you’d better be in a safe haven that is definitely not the invention of a man.

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