A plate for us all or for no one

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Samuel and his wife Marissa are a middle-aged newlywed couple who live in the city of Windhoek in Namibia, they own a retail shop that they have been managing together for the previous six years. They order their goods through Alibaba.com and it has been quite successful and got them to meet so many people and make a lot of customers. Samuel was a great friend of the mayor of the city of Windhoek, and the mayor would always order his business suits through Samuel. Samuel woke up in the morning to go to work and left Marissa home to take a day off, when he arrived, he found a group of people standing in front of his shop. He came to learn that his shop had burned down to ashes. He drove straight to the Chinese shops and he forcefully started closing all of them one by one, he knew that it was the government officials that had burned his shop down because he sells counterfeit products.

As Samuel was busy causing a rift, a group of men and women came to join him from nowhere. A man came up to him and said “We know why you’re here. The same thing happened to our goods, they were destroyed and now we have to pay back our customers when we don’t even have anything on our tables to feed our families.” Samuel shouted towards the group of people; “this country is a plate of food for all of us, it’s either we all share it or we put sand in the plate so all of us will not eat! If these people are to open their shops, you have the right to take goods without paying” The crowd shouted “We shall all stay hungry!” The riot continues until the police came to intervene, the crowd ran and Samuel got shot in the leg in the process. He was arrested and taken to jail. His wife heard the news and rushed to the station to go and bail him out but the officers refused, she was only allowed to visit him, he told her everything and she broke down.

A week after, Marissa went to see the governor and asked him to help plan for a strike for the release of her husband, the governor did not hesitate because he knew his friend was acting against corruption in the country. The strike started and looting of counterfeit goods shops took place. men, women and kids joined the strike for Samuel to receive justice and be released. The statehouse was almost burned down, even police officers could not stop this. And the country was falling apart so this left the government officials with no choice, they quickly ordered for Samuel’s release and announced it on all the TV and radio channels to calm the people down. Samuel was released and the strikers stopped immediately.

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