Covid 19 ruined My Relationships

 Covid 19 ruined My Relationships

After I had finished my final examinations in school, I had my plans laid out already. I already planned how the new year 2020 will be, what age I will be by the end of my service year and so many other plans. Yeah!!! 2020 came and so, I was looking forward to going for my service year with the many good experiences and awesome expositions I can’t wait to have.
Then, the unexpected happened. I didn’t plan for this neither did anyone. I never knew I was going to be locked down in my father’s house for close to six months in 2020. My relationship with friends and acquaintances almost turned sour if not for the presence of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

The unexpected visitor, Covid 19, came in and threatened the world with the making of strict rules to avoid the spread of the virus. Fear gripped so many souls out there due to the loss of lives in most countries of the world.
Although plans seem to be on hold, some necessary relationship seems to be unimportant due to its distance, social media platforms seem to be the only and flexible means of having effective communication with friends, so many people seem to be hopeless of the situation due to the big effect on the kind of lifestyle, COVID 19 has hopefully taught us lessons like; creating and sustaining relationships with one’s family, managing the relationship with people despite the state of the world, opting for the available option which is the social media to sustain relationships, etc. 

It may not be the same after this virus finally leaves, but it has left a landmark on how our relationship and lifestyle was like in the year 2020 all over the world.


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