Calm she was, like the seas, running through the valleys,
The quiet, peaceful one
Her skin bruised several times, stepped and spat on
What could she do?!
Soft words would soothe her
They pushed and pushed, till she hit the wall
She screamed, whirling like the great tornado of Fiji
Breathing tendrils of fire, she seeks justice and wouldnt give up
With her fiery breath, she clears those on her path
Has she given to her dark side and lost her humanity?!
She hasn’t changed!
The warrior in her got awoken
Tired of being the beautiful lily carpet
Embracing anger and cloaking rage
So glamorous an emotion it is!
Tried she did, to the extent of idiotic
Started saying ‘Fuck off!’ a little too late
It feels so good
Consumed in the euphoria of it all
She’s gonna milk her prey dry,hunt it,tease it
Until it quakers in its boots
One by one, like the petals of a rose
She’s not gonna stop till the last justice is served

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