Birth from the soil of the iroko tree
Her hips as round as the earrings of the yemoja goddess
The dip of her hips holding her baby in place
Her waist beads shaking as she dances to the rhythm of the earth
The house of every man
The great protector!
Her firm breasts pointing straight to the heavens like the arrow to its target
Her beauty so glamorous to behold, they can’t stand her
They bow to the goddess, the mother of all kings
Her essence, the drink of the gods
Scared of her power, they teach her to dumb down
She loses her femininity, scorns her sexuality
She bows to the turbulent wind
Her powerhouse tied to the rocks
But she can’t be made subservient!
She howls like the destructive ocean
Terrified, they scream, trying to make her bow
With her fingertips, she commands nature
Reclaiming her throne, she smiles
A woman she is
Beautiful, firm and stronger than none could believe

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