Chemistry is a  force  some people confuse  with Compatibility.  Chemistry can be a glue that binds couples together early on in a relationship, it can fade over time if partners don’t share core values and maintain mutual respect. 

A couple can have both chemistry and compatibility towards each other.Chemistry can be an emotional or psychological interaction between two people. It can cause a couple to  be attracted to each other whilst compatibility can be described as having an authentic connection with someone you admire ,you like and respect for who they are and how they carry themselves around. 

When a relationship starts, we tend to present our best selves and only see the best in our partners. But half way through the relationship which is termed as the honeymoon stage, everything unfolds and then real recognizes real .

Below are  signs to determine compatibility over chemistry in your relationship.

  • When we meet people we are attracted to for the first time ,we tend to have the butterfly feeling. But then after the butterfly feelings what happens, it fades off. Compatibility makes you feel comfortable and close to the person. It is easy to relate when sharing common interests. There is no need put up a show and impress each other.
  • When you share passionate affection for each other. Sexually  this is where chemistry comes in and it should go hand and hand with affection. You have fun together and tend to enjoy each others company and laugh at the silliest jokes.
  • Mutual Respect towards each other is another sign to look out for. Sometimes chemistry works when there is mutual respect between a couple. Accepting who your partner is and loving them for who they is a sign you are compatible together. Respecting their boundaries goes a long way to making the relationship a healthy and lasting one. Lack of respect eats away the chemistry and leaves the relationship worn out.
  • You share similar perceptions about the world and your values are in sync. You are comfortable talking freely about your passions and support each other’s interests. For instance, you may not share the exact same views about a movie you watched together but you both share same values.
  • When a relationship starts with friendship.  A  happy, lasting relationships relies on a lot more than a marriage certificate and that the secret ingredient is friendship. People in a relationship who see their partners as their best friend tend to have a relationship void of drama and insecurities.
  • Look for qualities you admire in your partner . Chemistry is attraction to the physical attraction to someone we admire. It could be looks ,stature or even complexion but compatibility is looking for qualities you admire in your partner and reminding  yourself of these admirable qualities every single day.  

You share similar lifestyle choices and  share a common vision for the life you want to create together. When you find yourself talking about the future and creating a future together.

IS HE MR RIGHT? These signs will definitely tell if it’s chemistry or compatibility.

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