Disclaimer!! I am not a feminist neither a gender activist. I just believe that regardless of the gender, we all have to be treated fairly and not judge based on what we hear. We don’t have rights to tag any gender with “Slutty and trashy”names.

Dear Ladies,
The word “SCUM” on it’s own doesn’t sound pleasing . Not to talk of the definition. Then to call Men “scum” is another painful sting. But how can you call a man born of a woman “Scum”. It’s just also saying that women are “Scum”.
Everyone is “Scum” period ! I said what I said.
Scum is used to describe something or someone as worthless. Degraded to being a “waste or trash” . Before you conclude to say “men are scum”, you should also try to ask why men act the way they do and why they easily get away with a lot of things.

All men are not the same.

4 Out of 10 men are scared of intimacy and they prefer to take things slowly . Whereas the 4 out there,are hopeless romantics waiting for the chance to settle with the right person and start a family. So why do you say “men are scum”?

Do you know why you think “men are scum”? Because you think men know what women want. But No ! they don’t know anything. They just try their best to make us happy. Men are not mind-readers so it will be unfair to call them “scum” because they refused to meet our expectations.
You say “men are scum” because he cheated on you. Did you give him what he asked for? I am not talking about sexual needs. I mean compliments and sweet messages to make him feel loved. Men love compliments too. They are humans with emotions as well. So complimenting him often will not drive him into the arms of other women.

Compliment him in the bedroom too , that would go a long way.

You make men cry and still call them”scum”. Tell me who the real scum is. When he goes all out for you, you cheat and tell him , he’s not your type. Women are deceptive too. But has there ever been a situation where men call women names? Ironically women cry and demand respect from men and still call them “Scum”. Very disrespectful!

Generally addressing men as scum includes your dad, brother and every other male friend close to you . Some Men have built their ego and self esteem around the thoughts of others so if they find themselves not meeting standards ,they try to step up their game which makes them crave for attention.
80 out of 100 men in today’s generation don’t even know they are damaged.

I stand that , not all “men are scum”. Not every man has violated us individually. For most of us , there are men we still trust.

Dear Ladies,

you can’t be in a relationship with a married man and still refer to men being scum. “Men are not scum. Cheats are scum. Irrespective of the gender.”After all women cheat too so how would you justify that?

How can a scum ,scam a scum, and call him a scum?You were unfortunate to meet the wrong person . There are good ones out there. So erase the “Men are scum” mentality.

When it comes to relationships there are a lot of stereotypes all over from people’s experiences. Right from,‘women are materialistic’‚ to ‘men love sex‘ and then ‘all men are the same’. There’s no pity for either gender because both parties are scum.

Why should everything be blamed on the men? When a girl says All Men are scum , everyone becomes silent. but when guys say all women are scum everyone becomes a feminist and abuse them. Everyone is capable of being scums.

Dear feminists,

we know that standing for the rights of women is necessary but just sometimes men rights and concerns matter too. The fact that a man jilted or dumped a woman, does not come with the tag ‘men are scum ‘ until the situation is critically assessed.
Women dump men too. Women abuse men too. Women disrespect men too. We should not be quick to judge and forget the gender that ate the forbidden apple.

MEN ARE NOT SCUM! Only broken hearted women and feminists stand for that.

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