There’s so much pressure out there on social media and it’s not funny anymore.. I am not saying you can’t dress fancifully to attract admirers but then please dress and feel confident .

As I sat in a public transport on my way to town, I sat by a lady who had a nice body stature and was good looking . She looked all dressed up and snatched but then…. She had body odor which almost wiped out my memory (I am not exaggerating) . I don’t know if aunty did not take her bath that morning, she was smelling like rotten eggs. Hah!

Before you were born you , what did you think your mama used to look beautiful?  Ordinary Shea butter and palm kernel oil were their beauty tricks. What’s that Skin toning about? Everyone is selling whitening and beauty enhancement products. A decorated monkey will still be a monkey. No amount of whitening lotion will make you look like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce.
Most of these Slay-brities (celebrities) spend money on genuine skincare products that do not give off any side effects but the slay queens will be disturbing us up and down with overnight whitening products . “You sure say angel Gabriel go dey recognize you on judgement after you don wash your whole body with whitening products”.

Don’t get me wrong but my whole emphasis is on the kind of Lifestyles we live as individuals. How we dress, our personal hygiene and personality . I know this one does not concern me but let’s face the facts .

Skin bleaching also known as whitening is the process of alterating the sensitive layer of the skin (epidermis) with the purpose of lightening the skin.
Black lives Matter! Who said black isn’t beautiful?

Who said lightening of the skin was a good practice? Social media is a big scam. Young ladies tend to bleach their skin because they perceive that they’ll look more beautiful and attract high status mates . Na lie ! You’ll only attract a skin looking like burnt fried plantains and body odor that could wipe out people’s memories. Skin bleaching does not guarantee success or self concept.
Whitening your skin does not guarantee you a husband. If that man loves you , he’ll not encourage you to look like snow white. Young ladies of today copy what they see on social media and they end up copying blindly .
If you want a beautiful skin, just take your bath regularly, shave regularly, drink enough water, eat enough fruits and vegetables, sleep well and mind your business. Bleaching products can cause internal damage—creams that contain ammoniated mercury are a known possible cause of kidney problems.

You only live once so “use SHEA BUTTER” .

“Beauty has nothing to do with looks it has everything to do with how you are as an individual and how you make others feel about themselves . It’s very important to take care of yourself. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. Self confidence is enough to make you glow. Always dress yourself in confidence and condemn anyone’s insecurities. There’s no flawless beauty . Every beautiful woman has flaws so be your own kind of beautiful and stop BLEACHING!

Dear Men, if you want a fair lady to marry , travel and marry any oyibo you see out there. Don’t push our natural melanin ladies to look like the oyibo they are not. If you don’t like a black beautiful woman don’t even pursue her. Allow her to stay beautiful in her skin.

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