Different people on Valentine’s day.

Different people on Valentine's day.

So it’s the season of love and we anticipate for the day most people will receive gifts, heartbreaks,  make memories with significant others or Loved ones . This year ,things have changed. The pandemic has built a social distance wall for most of us . We can’t make memories when we are locked down and at home all because of a virus. For some, Valentine’s day is the best time of the year because they’ll receive gifts but for the single ones, it is the most stressful day ever.

Which type of person are you on Valentine’s day?

The ones who accidentally fall in love.


This kind of people attend parties the weekend before and fall in love at first sight. Forgetting that, they’ll have to start making plans to take their new BAEs out on Valentine’s day.

The Break up Squad.


Aow!! It has finally ended in premium tears. Boo broke up with Bae because he cannot coman die because of Valentine gifts.

The Anti -Valentine ones.


These ones do not have shame o . Just because you don’t have a valentine does not mean you should condemn those of us who have valentines. Go and find your own valentine.

The emotional Singles.


These ones erhn , they just cry “awwwwnnn” at any relationship goal they see on social media. After that they play Westlife songs and cry their hearts out wishing they were boo’ed up .


The relationship goals couple.

These people just love to cause traffic on social media. Ehn ehn…. Valentine day na just one day. You people should be calming down for us biko.

The Sleepers Association.

These group of people will choose sleep over valentine gifts. Simply because they think Valentine is overrated.
Why are y’all being dramatic over chocolates and plastic roses?


The self love ones.


These people are the ones who buy themselves gifts because they are single and not ready to mingle.

The  Spies.

These ones don’t like minding their business . They poke around and  gossip about every status update they see. Okay noww…. where did you see my boyfriend?

The  Holy fellows

The ones who will go to church and thank God for another day. Laslas these people will just pretend like they don’t even know what Valentine means. But if na valentine gifts na them go open arms wide collect.


Oh Holy ones we are sorry. 


Valentine  will be packed with drama, memories and suprises. Watch our for these kind of people.


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