There is just something about this year “twenty20“.

The new normal of how we use our bodies to be social by bumping our elbows as a form of greeting, smiling with our eyes when our mouths are concealed behind masks. We lost special people and relationships to COVID-9Teen. Could it be because we called the birth month of Jesus “DETTY DECEMBER” and we are being charged for it? I guess not. I just want to believe that it is just a passing phase we will get through.

You know, before we crossed over into this Year, a lot of us had New Year Resolutions to become better
versions of ourselves but look what the Virus has done… It turned some of us into bitter, depressed, jealous and unhappy people.

Have you ever been close to someone that you were not in a relationship with but when you both stopped talking, it felt like a breakup? Yes! That is what social distancing did to us. We never spent time with them. We got tired of texting and calling and then suddenly became strangers. Social apps are the new normal. Almost everyone has a YouTube channel no sauce, no real vibe and topic just

“Hai gaisss, welcome to my YouTube churnnell” REALLY!!We got used to posting memes and quotes about fake friends and how Karma is real but the truth is, COVID 9Teen is REAL!

When everything was normal before COVID-9 Teen, did you ever find it comfortable telling a friend they have mouth odor? Did you get to your destination when you sat by the passenger with body odor?

Hats up for you if you survive that odor without a Mask on. Who are you to tell them? My dear, just Inhale, exhale and mask on because that could be another deadly virus.

COVID-9Teen did not come to play at all. “Omo the way people are doing weddings within the few months left in 2020 you sure say by 2021 husbands go still dey for us”? How I miss attending weddings just to eat party jollof and dance till my heels feel sore. How can I attend a wedding with masks on? Who knows I might even meet my soulmate. Everyone now wants a lowkey wedding. Even if your boo was getting married to another, you will never know until pictures pop up on social media. WOW! Can this end already? I want to be able to hug and give those friendly pecks. I want to show how beautiful my smiles are.
Can social Gatherings be fun like it ever was? I cannot hear Christmas jingles and the sound of firecrackers like before. Could it be that, the bells are faulty or Christmas has been postponed? I might as well take sleeping pills and wake up in January. Most people might have achieved a lot this year despite the pandemic but the fact that I have survived and still sane is an achievement in itself. COVID-9Teen is REAL!

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