You don’t Even know me.(Be nice)

You don't Even know me.(Be nice)

You call it Music , and I call it my therapist because it’s my safe kind of  high.When you to listen to a particular song , it’s just because the lyrics means everything I’m trying to say . Music has the power to make us smile and bring us all types of tears .

Faouzia Ouihya, known as Faouzia on stage , is a Moroccan-Canadian singer,songwriter and musician. She was born in Casablanca, and moved with her family at the age of one to Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Manitoba in Canada, before settling in Carman, Manitoba. She speaks fluent English , French, and Arabic.
If you love pop music,I bet you’ll love her style. She sings so beautifully with an amazing voice . Out of 33 songs she released,I find her song “You don’t even know me” very powerful and melodious . Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over your soul .

The song speaks about how she walked into a crowded room and everyone was staring . Tell me how you’d feel when you enter a crowded room and all eyeballs of the people in the room turn to you and stare like you just dropped from space . I guess you’d be asking what you did or probably be wondering if you wore funny shoes . That’s exactly how she felt .

Upon releasing the new single, Faouzia spoke about what this song tried to convey; “Keep being yourself because no matter what you do, people will have false perceptions of you .” Faouzia explained the inspiration and message behind the new song . Following the video of the song, the smudged faces tell that we cannot judge others based on their looks . We don’t know what people are going through . We just have to be nice and kind .

He said, she said over it
You’re acting like you’re brilliant
But you don’t know
Yeah, you don’t know
You don’t know a thing at all
You don’t know about the way I am when I am all alone
You don’t even know
Where I kept the way I’ve grown
You don’t know about the way I love so deeply to my bones
You don’t even know me”.

People tend to judge based on first impressions . They never try to know us or the story behind the character . They say whatever they see and end up ruining us . Every one will have their version of story about you. They could even write a whole book if they had the chance to.They don’t even know you. They don’t know your heart, your mind, the things you’ve gone through to get to where you are . So  keep killing it , keep being awesome . don’t let rumours or people’s opinions bring you down .

Interestingly , her chorus talks about how she eventually had to walk away from the “bad Belle people”. She didn’t even wait to start any drama .
“I walk it off and brush away
Everything you say
‘Cause I don’t care, I don’t care
I don’t
I don’t care, I don’t care
I don’t” she sang .

Sometimes it’s just good to walk away from drama and negative vibes .Things that won’t add value to your personal growth and peace of mind .

Just sometimes ,we should act like we don’t care even if we do . They don’t know you! They don’t know about the way you love deep into your bones yet they call you hopeless romantic . They don’t know what you had to do to get to where you are . If only they knew , they’ll just mind their businesses .

“You Don’t Even Know Me” is a reminder to myself and to everyone who hears this song that there are very few people that truly know who you are . The negative opinions of others and the rumors that surround you ultimately mean nothing . Just take it easy on yourself and don’t please anyone . It will only get better when you love yourself and expect less from others.

Seriously , Faouzia served good vocals in the song and a stunning visual music video .

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