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Dear love,
Tasty and sumptuous you bring to the lips of men
Creates a romantic glimpse in their hearts and minds
Heighten their emotions
To consume his physique
To take action to the compass of love

You! Turns men into lovell
Builds hovel for the shattering
Of the bodies of potential men
Men look up to you for counsel
Never to realise that you are
Only a whited sepulchre
Using deceit to maintain
Your mission of ruin
But like a dog you are
With two sides
The good and the bad
Though your good
Outstep your bad
But still,your bad overstep
Your good our life.

An irremovable stain you stuck
To my sleeve
Not even an hyssop could purge out.
Other than you,lies the devil
Perfect duo of chaos
The friendly allies designing mischief as intellects

Thou appear as the structure
Of feminity
Female worship thee ,as though you are god
the name you drew to yourself
Makes her foolish to herself
She calls thee the music
Of her pen and the melody;
Her feelings of you.
The mystery of your tactics
Keeps me grasping for vengeance

But what can I do?
You are abstract
You are a coinage of God
To secure man from
Becoming Savage
But still though,you have a special place in hell
For you have caused the downfall of millions
And made men dwell next to nothing

You made the crown
Of God’s creation your weapon
Of mass destruction
The irresistible beauty of a damsel ,a man cannot resist
Oh! What made you this mischievious love
The more I unlock
Your darkside ,the more
I get scared of you

Finally love,
Sorry to say
Your music are deceit
The melodies are chaos
And in all
Your lyrics are messed up.

Akintunde Abiola
Danger of love
The fear of man
In love, we thought we would survive
But anytime, every time
We give thee a trial
You send Camelot of soliders
To stab our heart 
And hurt our feelings
Woe to thee
Woe to yee you give thy power to
Those women you see love,
Will one day kill you
Remember today
We won’t die
Nor end but you’ll
For “amo vincit omnia”
Love conquers all
And we are love,
And not yee
Or thee, you give thy power to…


(Duet by Chinonyerem Great and Akintunde Abiola) 

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