I am an African Child, I either win or learn!

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Failure is real!

You see it every day in people’s countenance – the swift whim in character that occurs because of an unexpected outcome.

There are diverse views of failure, emanating from scholars around the globe. But none can be compared to a personal taste of it.👌

Before now, failure to me was the abject absence of success. But there is a shift in the paradigm, an illumination that every human should admire. I have received a new dimension of failure, and this is my story.💯

As an undergraduate who has keen interest in personal and professional development, I have always opened myself to opportunities.

While exploring this adventure, I was thrilled to hear, through a fellow student, of the Nigerian Higher Education Foundation (NHEF) scholars’ program. Thorough research made me understand that the program was one that every undergraduate student would fight to benefit from. I was ready to fight – I got all my documents ready, tailored my applications, and in 1 week, I wrote the eight essays that were requisite for the application.

Fortunately, I made it to the interview stage. Aced the first interview and qualified for the second round. However, after the second round of interviews, I received a rejection mail. It crept into my heart – the failure I had struggled to keep off my tent.

I had no internship experience as at then. What pained me most was the time and energy I had channelled to prepare for all rounds of the application process. But it wasn’t a waste; I channelled the same energy to other applications.

It’s been less than a year since then, and I’m currently on my 4th internship as an undergraduate. Perhaps, my failure wasn’t a failure after all.

It’s important we all learn that failure is the key ingredient for the recipe of success, and that success may be born out of failure.

Failure might be real, but no longer will I fail – I either win or learn.✔️

  • 📌If I don’t get what I want, then I learn from what I want.

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