Reduced Inequality as a Sustainable Development Goal: The way to Security

Reduced Inequality as a Sustainable Development Goal: The way to Security

When we are still young, one of the value we holds with high esteem is Equality amidst Brotherhood, But in the real life and current situation of our Country, equality is just a wish.
To a lay Nigerian, Inequality is like a part of the country Nature, But tracing the start of Inequality in Nigeria back to the start, we are going to found out that Nigeria have been suffering from Inequality since the days of our Amalgamation, and the deep power that Inequality have possessed was displayed when it is part of the reason that leads to the first major security issue which Is the 1967 civil war, where Nigeria lost a lot of Lives and resources.
Recuperating from the 1967 civil war, shows the world that Inequality is our major weakness, since The civil war is preventable if there is a fair distribution.

In spite of the 1967 Civil war, Inequality still breeds and lives freely in the street of Nigeria
And according to statics At least 86million people live in abject Poverty, while 8% of Nigeria resources goes to 1% of the Population, which is highly occupied by the political elites
All this clearly shows that Nigeria lack equity and this have resorted in a lot of internal security crisis like the Niger Delta militant asking for their right using force and ammunition, yet a lot of other little little threat coming out from the minor part of the country too
The first Beginning of Kidnapping as business in Nigerian is as a result of Inequality, while the likes of Boko Haram, Yahoo boys, e.t.c are also a result of Inequality.
In a situation whereby Unemployment, is a dominant problems and a lot of well and responsible youth are still jobless , while the Working force was owned and control by some little individual, except from this leading to economic recession, the security of the country is also at risk.
Cultural and Relationship inequality is a strong indicator of physical violence ongoing amidst the masses, a lot of people tends to involved in illegal means in other to get what actually belongs to them from the start
Part of the major part of it is the Income inequality… Nigeria funds that’s is supposed to be used for the development of human resources are been held by few individual… Which will surely breeds a security threat since the majority too have to live in one way or the other
Reducing Inequality will surely helps Nigeria as a whole, except from even development, security problem will be a thing of the past, because equity and fair distribution of wealth will not just improved the masses but will also gives better chance to intellectual individual to showcase their inborn ability
And has Nelson Mandela says “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Equity is a language that we all understand, and this will gives way to a better understanding amidst the individual and the government too
A lot of the minor tribe militant and secessionist movement will cease to exist if there is equality amidst the country.
Since Nigeria is a blessed country, with a lot of natural resources, its easier to utilized the resources if there is fair distribution of wealth, since everyone will have access to proper and Normal living standard, the economic status of the country will not just improve, but it will also upgraded to a higher level, and more developed country will feel free and safe to trade in the country without any security threat.
And one of the greatest benefit that we are going to derive again is a High ranking peaceful co existent.
And as Confucius says “He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.”
The only way for Nigeria to recover from all the losses that Inequality have caused us is to totally abolished Inequality from our system of Government in other to welcome a Era of Peaceful Co – Existence.

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