His Own


It was after Louise marriage to Reuben that the real him became evident to her. That hidden part of him, cloaked and wrapped up by his unruffled and amiable mien began to unfold. She noticed that he had mind tussles. These a times makes him withdrawn and moody.
“My love what’s wrong? What’s the matter?” Louise asked with empathy. “You know I hate seeing you like this.”
Reuben turned to look at his wife. “I truly know. But a times I just can’t help it. I just can’t hide how unhappy I am about my turmoil. It’s stifling and suffocating.”
“I indeed understand. But I also understand that the man whom am married to is a fighter. He is strong and takes the bull by the horn.”
“Oh! Really?”
“But, but a times I just ask, why me? Why has fate chosen this path for me?”
“My love, it has because you’re special. A peculiar breed. A shining star. So it wants to overhaul and toughen you for what lies ahead.”
“Hmmm. But it’s easier said than to bear. A times I wished I just stayed alone and face it all by myself. I wished I never involved someone else into this.”
“No. You shouldn’t say that. You shouldn’t regret getting married. More still to me. You can’t be a lone ranger. You need someone to stand with you. A shield bearer. Have you forgotten the saying, ‘One shall chase a thousand. Two shall chase ten thousand.’ So?”
Reuben embraced his wife. “Oh! Thank you so much my darling. Thank God l found you. Please just bear with me through all this.”
“No problem. The Lord will help us through. I know why I married you. I can envisage great things ahead. We’ll achieve this. Our love is forever.”

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