Memoir of a College Girl



Considered unworthy to be embraced,
Thought unfit to be loved,
Although she bore her,
She doesn’t want to touch her,
Not even with a barge pole,
In her heart, she had no place nor played a role,
Nothing about her endears,
Nor can she be counted an heir,
Does she need to beg for affection?
Does she need to plead for protection?
These should flow to her naturally,
She was thrown into someone else’s arms,
An older woman gave all that she sought for,
She gave every piece unconditionally,
This woman could come to terms with the drama that brought her forth,
Causing her to see many days of pains and sorrows,
She promised to go far and even farther,
To keep her from harm’s way,
But it was only a fleeting shield from trauma,
For this woman left for the land beyond,
A departure that left her more bitter,
A separation that scarred her tomorrow,
Her older mother has left her in the lurch,
All taken away with nothing left as little as can be,
This is not a time for a breakaway as such,
She was close to achieving her dream,
Now she’s alone in a world as busy as a bee,
No shoulder to lean on,
No arms open wide to take her in,
No one to aid and abet her,
Every night her tears flowed like a stream,
Sorrows and afflictions now her bread and meat,
She has to keep body and soul together,
She has to make ends meet,
She needs to learn the ropes,
Bring back alive dead hope like in soaps,
Sad beginning but a happy ending,
With nightshifts in the pub,
And home on the streets,
With strip dancing in a club,
And refuge in shanties,
She was able to sail through,
Until he came her way,
A day in May,
And took her out of every shame,
That made her lame,
She was no more lost in the maze,
Her sky clear from the haze,
Her lost hope restored,
Her stolen joy reinstalled,
They both shone like millions of stars in the night sky.







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