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I sat in the curl of the world with my ears wide open in the planet of being,
Listening to the words of the world of I am born to
The planet of black it was called

While hearkening to the words of the world I came,
I heard it is a home, where mothers make their hind the home of their children
So their offspring will inhale blessing through their backs
And live their lives trailing the sacred path drawn by their mother’s hoofs

I heard our world is black in the global ball
Not because our colour flags out black,
But because we unite our minds on a unique page
Tied our hands together on the rail of the African race
And accelerate its tire to rise above the world

I heard we are called Africa,
Because when Africa cries for her children, her cheeks tint with tears
And when she honours her elders, her head couples with the floor in respect
I heard Africa jubilate her triumph with her legs beating the ground in dancing
Flashed out her teeth to celebrate the wins of her children
I heard they see Africa as darkness, while her darkness is the source of the world’s light

I listened to the lines about where Africa nurtured the world and give the world the eternal oxygen
The black race dug out the foundation for others to lay their blocks
Learned, that those open paths were once a desert, but the African power was the little god that pave their ways
The sky of the world was once a scope of darkness, but the souls in Africa switch the darkness to brightness
Yet, the world places its name at the last on the list of the world

My mind celebrates when I listen to the words of the African gods
Sango, the god of thunder that storm its light against the minds that rear evil
Gu, the blacksmithing god that fixes the lapses and columns of human races
I heard much about Mami water, the goddess that makes its home in the sea, a mother, carer, lover and a healer
I get to know that these gods uplift the human race and plate their plights as theirs

I listened to the world I was born to,
The cradle of humanity’s birth,
The race that nurtures ancient wisdom in her coven
The soul of the world and wards
The lands of today and tomorrow
Africa, the flag bearer of the world

When I listened to the history of the world I am born to,
I keep my heart at rest
I Smile because I am among the souls that raise and keep raising the world.

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