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Yesterday was so good, when the sun still rises from the East and when the moon still uses its light to be African guardian
The atmosphere that beautifies the cloud then comes from the right hands of the gods
Those days were lovely when children still worship their heads to lift themselves in the mud
Life was sweet, when the old Africa was still in the mood of winning the race

I cry because I missed the old world where our ancestors lived
It saddened my heart when I recollect that I failed to glimpse the display of our powerful gods
I heard stories, but
but never witness how Ógun shoot the shot of its Iron power
But now, the world has swept this under the carpet of yesterday’s globe.

Who would take me back to the world where African women nourish the secret between their thighs?
I wish to see the planet that honoured African women as the keeper of virginity
I just want to see the old Africa,
The African community that plate women at the forefront of the lane

I never hear the voice of the gods nor see the spirit in the wilderness
Why won’t I sob? I wasn’t among the children that greet the river in the morning with a wooden pot
I never did, I never run after Animal in the jungle
I wasn’t among the children that climb up the tree to celebrate their happiness

Today’s world blind my vision through phone,
While the other world shows vision through the talk of Ifà
Just like its opposite view, I see no elders to drink from his pot of wisdom today
While elders of yesterday donate their presence to light up the kingdom for the youngsters

I want to see the old world,
The golden era of Africa’s glory
The world that will soak me in the culture of our dear continent
And drive me high to our civilisation.

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