An ode to my assistant

An ode to my assistant

Ode to you, my dear

I miss your dear…
You left a vacuum in my heart
Nothing except you and your kind
Can fill.
I never knew it takes several hours
For a night to become a day

Why did you you go?
You should have stayed still
For I can barely stand on my feet
Without your touch, your guide
And illuminating rays you offer my life.

Today I know the purpose you serve in my life
And the previous days I took you for granted
I sincerely recant and openly tender
An unreserved apology to you.

With you, I think less, hate less
And love more.
You sent me abroad, even though I never had a passport

You gave me wings and I flew from Nigeria
To Canada, Australia, America, china, Singapore etcetera
Without requiring me to make any financial commitment.

I love you! I really do
Today you depart and leave me blank,
Motionless and in greatest of emotional pain.

I honestly wish you had stay longer
I know i left you for death the first time you fell
You stood and gave me a second chance
Poor me, I failed you the second time
And I pray I get a third chance.

Blame me not I failed you
It wasn’t intentional;
Money failed me, continued lockdown caged
And unavailability of your clinic in my area limited my search for your cure.

Nonetheless, always remember you’re missed
while you were gone.
I know you’re hurt too and I care

In fact, you saved me from possible
Brain damage cos without you
On my left side on the day, I would’ve tripped haphazardly and hit my head with a stone.
There and then, I’ll be healthy no more

Hang in there my dear infinix hot 8
I’ll get you fixed in due time,
Therefrom we’ll part no more
I miss you in no small measure, miss hot!

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