Dangerous Love

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“He’s changing,” Fadekemi said seated on the only sofa in her friend, Bimpe’s one room self contain apartment.
“Are you serious?” Bimpe’s eyes widened as she examined Fadekemi’s black eyes for the umpteenth time.
“He does love me. Sometimes he just gets angry.” Fadekemi continues in her husband’s defence.
“Wait, wait, wait. Did I miss the memo?” Bimpe stood up from the crouched position she had been as she tried to rub Fadekemi’s thight with a small towel dipped in hot water.
“Is there a definition of love in your head that is different from that of the other inhabitants of earth?” She continued taking a seat beside her childhood friend.
“This is domestic violence. Let me spell it out to you in case you don’t understand. Domestic violence.” Bimpe clapped her hands together with a look of disgust on her face.
“Don’t you think it’s high time you told your family members and his as well before he kills you? Ehnnn.” She carried the bowl that contained the once-hot water to the kitchen to replace it as she hissed several times.
“This month alone, you’ve been to my house twice for the same reason and it’s not even the middle of the month yet.” Bimpe continued as she sets to rub the pain relief balm on Feyikemi’s thigh.
“He has promised to change. He’s making efforts.” Fadekemi stated just as a knock was heard from the door.
Bimpe dragged her feet towards the door already anticipating who the uninvited visitor was. She opened the door slightly to reveal a tall, dark man. Bimpe raised her right eyebrow, as though saying ‘what do you want?’
“I will like to see Fadekemi,” Bankole stated trying to avoid making eye contact with Bimpe.
Bimpe rolled her eyes and flung the door to let Bankole in.
“My house is not a boxing ring.” She gave a warning instruction as she strolled reluctantly into her room.
“I’m sorry.” Bankole got on his knees once Bimpe was out of sight.
“I didn’t mean to hit you. I don’t know what came over me.” He continued.
“That’s what you said the first time, the second time, the third time. I’ve lost count Bankole. This is not the man I married.” Feyikemi said as her eyes fill up with tears.
“It won’t happen again. I promise.” Bankole said cupping Feyikemi’s cheek in his hand as they locked their eyes.
“Bimpe, Bimpe.” Fadekemi called out to her friend. Bimpe came out of her room and rested her back on a wall in the sitting room. She set her left foot against the wall and folded her hands anticipating the usual statement.
“Emm, I’m going home.” Feyikemi said avoiding eye contact with Bimpe.
“Okay.” Bimpe responded as she escorted Feyikemi and Bankole to the door.

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