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The sky was clear giving way for the sun to radiate its golden glow and give joy to humankind. The opposite seems to be the event on the earth. In front of the University of Ibadan (UI) main gate, students are seen with placards, leaves, and drums ready to hit the road. One could hear hisses and sighs of frustration among the crowd of students. Adisa, the UI Student Union President faces the students and addresses them
“What are we here to do?” Adisa questioned.
“To protest”, The students chorused.
“Do we want to give birth in school?”
“Noooo,” the students answered dragging the ‘o’.
“Do we want to have grandchildren in school?” Adisa continued.
“Nooooo”, the students chorused thunderously this time.
“So what do we do?” Adisa asked.
“We protest.” The students responded together as if they had rehearsed it.
“What do we do?” He questioned again, this time placing his hand behind his left ear.
“We protest.” The students chorused with energy and vigour.
“We will hit the streets and make our grievances known to the government.” Adisa concluded.
Shouts of ‘yes’ came from every corner of the crowd. The students matched together into the road from the school gate chanting and singing. It was a beautiful scene to watch but that was not the case for the drivers that had to stay stuck in traffic. The students changed songs, dancing rhythmically as the drummers gave sweet and melodious beats to the songs.
The students had come out in their multitude as one could see them move slowly like a river. The traffic that had formed at the UI gate slowly diffused. Over the next days, students from other Universities across the nation followed suit, restricting movement within their states.
Somewhere in the presidential villa…
“What do we do sir?” Chief Agunbiojo, the chief of staff to the president asked his boss.
“These students have taken over the entire country o. This has been going on for about a week now.” He continued
“Send soldiers to disperse them.” Mr President responded.
“Ah, we cannot do that sir. Their voices are powerful, social media will be on fire.” Chief Agunbiojo replied readjusting his agbada.
” You know elections are around the corner, we don’t want to be the focus of the international community at this time.” Chief Agunbiojo continued, this time with a concerned look on his face.
“That’s true.” Mr President confirmed, tapping his middle finger on his left hand on his table as he sat elegantly behind it. His right hand strolled his beardless chin.
“Why can’t we give their lecturers what they are asking for?” Lines formed on his face, forming a crease.
“You know it will affect our ‘budget’.” Chief Agunbiojo responded with a wink adjusting his seat before the president.
“Okay. You know what, bargain with their lecturers, give them what they asked for so the students can go back to school and we can avoid impending danger.” President declared.
“What about…” Chief Aguniojo started.
“I’ll sort that out.” Mr President cuts in.
“Okay.” Chief Agunbiojo answered walking out of the president’s office to carry out his bidding.
On the streets of Ibadan, the sun has retreated to its home and the moon has taken over, supplying the earth with light in its little way. The students are seen seated on the main road chanting and drumming. Some are lying on mats, others fiddle with their phones as they await the verdict of the meeting of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the federal government.
At 10 pm on this fateful night, shouts of joy burst out from the crowd of students. Hugs are exchanged and smiles are plastered on their faces as they pack their belongings. The much-awaited news is finally out, the ASUU strike has been CALLED off. Not suspended but called off. What joy to see that the struggle paid off.


All we are asking for is to continue our education without disruption.

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  1. This is beautiful, Abiola. Your pen is indeed going to change the world.


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