Where Is Ìyá’ta?

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The king stepped in, accompained by his entourage of chief and guards. The crowd went on their knees to pay homage to Oba Òyéròmádé, Ààyita of Ààyi village. He took his seat in front of the entire crowd as he commanded them to stand up.
He rested his elbow on the specially constructed chair just for the king while quietly observing the crowd. Lines stretched from his forehead and the skin therr squeezed together. Everywhere grew silent and all the villagers’ fixed their gaze on the king with their hearts filled with questions. What was he going to say?

Oba Oyeromade cleared his throat and readjusted his purple regalia with its helm tied across one of his shoulders.
“People of Àayi, I will not pretend we all don’t know what has happened” He started.
“Ìyá’ta has been stolen.” He continued as sighs and hums from the villagers filled the atmosphere.
“About two weeks ago, some white men came into the village. I entertained them and made them feel welcome until I understood the reason for their coming. They wanted to exchange Ìyá’ta with money. ” He continued this time with an obvious angry tone.
” My people say, the witch cried yesterday, the child dies today. Do we not know that it is the witch that cried yesterday that killed the child?” This time he stood up and walked into the space in the middle of crowd with his guards following closely.
“Ìyá’ta is a big part of this community, a important part of our history. We have consulted the priest and there are signs of looming danger in the days ahead if Ìyá’ta is not found and returned to its home. He raised a staff that was in his hand pointing it to the crowd as he moved in a round circle.
“The guards will do a house to house search. Anyone who is found with Ìyá’ta will suffer the consequences, both the person and his family will not go scot-free” With that he stood up and left the village square and his entourage of guards and chiefs followed suit. 

Gradually the villager took their leave in twos and threes whispering among themselves with the question on everyone’s lips being, ‘Where is Ìyá’ta?’

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