Bamused of searching for pearch,
Where there is no despondency,
To find saint in living.
The more i search,
The more bootless i found.

My heart became lonely,
Depression follows my path,
Courage became tedious to divulge,
Being my only sterling grants,
I became pessimistic.

Wandering around irrationally,
I met a charming Angel.
Bosom with beauty, and
Glowing like diamond.
Hmm! An Angel from heaven.

My hormones arose,
Hope seems to be back,
Courage seems to be summoned,
Depression seems to evacuate,
But, loneliness proves stubborn.

The angel sanitizes my heart,
And quarantine my emotions.
The Covid of my life,
As the beauty surpasses 19.
Wow! My eternity virus.

Her refusal locked me down,
And placed in isolation of love pandemic,
For weeks.
Loneliness proves stubborn,
My greatest grants.

Who have i offended?
And placed in Excruciation.
My love in pending .
Days, months and years,
Adoring you, will be my coach.

Alimi Abdulkabir’s poetry.

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