• It is very rampant in many relationships, either love, friendship, business etc. that some partners finds it difficult to say sorry if they were wrong, because they believes they are more than that. But, to avoid feud, the other partner rather, has to apologize to his/her second partner because he/she values you and the relationship that connects both of u together. In this case, i called this MATURITY. A matured mind or soul is bound to do things that will never undermine his/her prestige.
    Hence, in some circumstances, this case is often in love relationship. As captioned above that it can also be seen in friendships, businesses, amongst others.
           ★FRIENDSHIP : It is seen in some friendship that a partner who is a self doctrine and an ignorance being, will find i tedious to say sorry, if he/she is wrong. But to avoid feuding, the second partner has to say sorry even if he/she is more than being right. He/she does that because he /she values you and the relationship. Whoever that does this shows an instances of MATURITY.
            ★BUSINESSES : This case is mostly captured in trading businesses. The funniest and weirdest fact in this case is that, once your customers or business partners are wrong , they tell you “Customers are always right”. Yes, they are always right in the sense that, ” they are the retailers or the consumers of your goods and service”. They are the main factors that determines the sales of your products and services, despite all other factors are well organized. In any region where your products are being marketed, they might determine the level of your profits or your losses. For your products and services to be of higher sales, it mainly depends on the wholesalers, retailers, consumers, and jovial marketers, including other factors of your production.
    Being the determining factors, you have to say sorry, even if you right, when u finds yourself in this situation. MONEY, which connect you together should be considered. Thus, many situations leads an individual to say sorry, but the three perspectives in this article will be considered.
              Additionally, LOVE, a uncontrollable feelings that one has towards something. Semantically, if you are into a love relationship, the most important attribute you have ti possess is PATIENCE. There is a saying that “He who laugh last, laughs best”. Either you are a man or a woman, there are some circumstances in your love adventure that will warrant you to say SORRY to your partner, even if you are right. This shows the degree of love you have for him or her, and how rigid you take the relationship, even if you are not financially buoyant. However, saying SORRY doesn’t means you are wrong, stupid, irrelevant or daft, it means you value your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiance/fiancee or your spouse, and the relationship that bonds and glues you together to make you one.
    More so, looking at this perspective from another development, irrespective of how perfect you ar in saying sorry, or you are an expert in caring and attention arresting, there are some partners that will take you for granted. From this perspective, it has been discovered that almost 45% of partners, most especially, ” females”, that are into relationships takes me that are overwhelmed with love for granted, and at the end, they regret their actions. NOTE : “The aforesaid fact can also be obviously seen in men, but not up to the level of women”.
                 However, as said above that ” the most important attribute for a relationship to be successful is “PATIENCE, coupled with TRUST and LOYALTY”. Thus, there is a saying that describe the aforesaid attribute that ” With trust comes peace of mind”.
    Conclusively, saying SORRY to your partner, either you are into a love relationships, friendships or businesses, amongst others, it doesn’t means you are always wrong, it connotes you value that partner and the relationship, more than being right. I am ending this write up with one of my quotes that “MAN WITH EVERYTHING, EXCEPT PATIENCE, HAS NOTHING.
    Alimi Abdulkabir’s Poetry.

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